The City Budget Document is a solid plan identified and approved annually by the City Council.  The budget meets all statutory requirements of the State of Kansas.  The City of Baldwin City operates on a calendar fiscal year beginning on January 1. The budget document attempts to present and explain each Fund separately.  A link to the document is provided for the reader, along with highlights of explanatory information intended to educate the reader about the sources and uses of the primary funds. The categories are highlighted below:

  • GOVERNMENT FUNDS – The General Fund is the first governmental fund presented in the Budget Document which is divided into the following departments: Finance and Administration, Public Works, Parks, Fire, Police, City Pool, Municipal Court, Economic Development, information Technology and Planning/Codes.
  • SPECIAL REVENUE FUNDS – These include Special Parks, Quality of Life Sales Tax, Special Highway, Capital Improvement Sales Tax and Pool Sales Tax.
  • ENTERPRISE FUNDS – These funds derive revenue from fees for services rather than taxes. Each enterprise fund consists of an Operating Fund, a Reserve Fund, a Capital Improvement Fund and a Debt Service Fund. The City has Electric, Water, Wastewater and Refuse Funds. Electric, Water and Wastewater all have their own operating fund, reserve, capital improvement and debt service which are considered together for auditing purposes. The exception is the Refuse fund which is a contracted service fund.
  • CAPITAL FUND– consists of debt proceeds to complete capital improvements projects which are identified in the 5 year Capital Improvements Plan. It should be noted that the 2013 Baldwin City Council was the first to complete a process to review the capital plans throughout all City departments and to adopt an official plan.

2014 Budget Book
2015 Budget Book

2016 Budget

2017 Budget


Financial Audits for the years 2014-2016:

2014 Annual Report – City of Baldwin – Final

Final Audit Report – Year Ended 12-31-2015

2016 Final Auditors Report and Financial Statements – City of Baldwin City