The Baldwin City Fire Department was officially chartered on February 4, 1910 as a volunteer fire department and has been an active volunteer department ever since.  In a emergency, please dial 911.  For non-emergencies, please call 785-594-3678.

BCFD Staff (as of 11/01/2013)

BCFD Officers

Chief Allen Craig - May 1971
Asst. Chief Michael Berndt – EMT, March 2009
Lt. Tim DeMott – EMR, January 2004
Lt. Terry Baker, September 2007
Secretary – Tim Silvers - January, 2011

BCFD Firefighters

Michele Berndt – EMT-P, March 2009
Randy Cardonell – EMT, October 2010
Brian Craig - January 1986
Greg Grimes – August 2013
Scott Hensley - August 2006
Ben Jones – EMT, March 2009
Kaleb Michael – October 2013
Donnie Thomas – January 2012
Anthony Michael – January 2014
Ardell Hensley – EMR, June 2011

Volunteer Recruitment
Anyone interested in joining or learning about the Baldwin City Fire Department is encouraged apply at
KansasHRePartners.  The BCFD volunteers meet at the Fire Station the 1st Monday of every month at 7:30pm, the 3rd Monday of every month for training at 7:30 p.m., and they can be found at the BCFD every Sunday around 10 a.m. for truck checks. Please stop by at these times for more information or to meet members of the BCFD and be given a tour of the Fire Station.

City Hall 803 8th Street, Baldwin City, KS 66006

Mailing Address P.O. Box 86, Baldwin City, KS 66006 | Phone (785) 594-6427 | Fax (785) 594-6586

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