Administration Home

The Administration staff is responsible for communications with Baldwin City residents and businesses, as well as communications with agencies and businesses outside of the City.

The City has a Public Information Officer who serves as the main point of contact for the news media on all issues not related to Police matters, with the goal of providing accurate and timely information to the media for them to distribute to the public on all matters. This position works for the City Administrator and coordinates with all City departments to ensure the best level of response possible.

Contact PIO

The City Clerk is the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the City and is located at City Hall, 803 8th Street, Baldwin City, Kansas 66006.

The PIO is responsible for all major forms of City communications, including the following:

City Website

Baldwin City’s primary communication tool has become the Internet. The City’s web site is regularly updated with new information from City Council minutes to stories regarding the latest community events. The City uses the Internet for purposes such as posting press releases, notifying residents of construction projects and improvements, and for posting job openings. The City will continue to expand its online services to the community as technology changes.

Press Releases

The City also communicates with the public through Press Releases that are sent to local newspapers and occasionally to local television news stations. All press releases are posted on the City’s web site and on Facebook, regardless of if they were published by the newspaper or television news.

Facebook — The City of Baldwin City is on Facebook.