Baldwin City’s Electric Utility is comprised of three major components: Generation, Distribution, and Acquisition.


The Electric Generation component is comprised of two separate power plants.

Plant No. 1, is located in downtown Baldwin City at 605 High Street. Construction of this plant started in 1906, and on February 5, 1907, began production of electricity. This plant contains Three Fairbanks Morse and two Nordberg engines, and has a nameplate production capacity of 4.6 megawatts. Although this plant rarely is called upon to generate, the units are maintained and operated monthly to perform maintenance.

Plant # 1 1914 Plant 1 1950

Plant No. 2, is located at the south edge of town at 1100 Orange Street. Construction of this plant started in 2002, and was commissioned in December of 2003. Plant No. 2 currently houses two Fairbanks Morse engines, with room for expansion. The engines in this plant are of the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly of any on the market today. They have a combined production capacity of 6.3 megawatts.

Two plant operators maintain and operate the equipment in both plants, as well as the city’s substation.

Plant 2 2004


The Electric Infrastructure combines both overhead and underground electric distribution lines. Baldwin City currently owns, operates and maintains 35.33 miles of primary lines. Most have been replaced and/or upgraded since 2002. The City continues to make improvements and expand service as necessary to meet the growing needs of the community.

 The line crew currently consists of two journeyman linemen, and two ground men.                   

Substation 2011


Baldwin City leverages its wholesale costs and production capacity by negotiating contracts for more efficient power with larger utility companies. Currently, Baldwin City has long term agreements in place with Kansas City Power & Light, Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, the Grand River Dam Authority, the Southwest Power Administration and the Western Area Power Administration.

The City is also a member of multiple organizations which are centered around municipal owned utilities and include the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency, Kansas Municipal Utilities, and the American Public Power Association. In 2005, Baldwin City entered into a power pool agreement with four of its’ neighboring cities. The Energy Management Project # 1 was the first of its’ kind in the State of Kansas. By acting and interacting as one, the EMP 1 project allows its’ members to maximize their generation and contractual resources. This equates to a lower overall cost to serve our customers.

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