General Information

The City of Baldwin City operates the Oakwood Cemetery.

  • Burial spaces may be purchased by calling 785-594-6907. The cost is $500 per space. The cost for opening/closing full spaces for interment on a weekday is $400. There is an additional fee for opening/closing on weekends.
  • Steve Wright, Cemetery Sexton is responsible for the routine maintenance of Oakwood Cemetery, including mowing, tree care, weeding, painting, trimming of the grounds, and repairs to graves and crypts that may be necessary to prevent damages to adjoining graves or potential injury to the public. If you detect a maintenance issue, please contact Public Works at 785-594-6907.
  • The City maintains the records of persons interred at Oakwood Cemetery, and a list is generally posted on the west wall of the sexton’s building, located on the property.

Monuments & Headstones

All monuments and markers in Oakwood Cemetery shall be made of granite, bronze, or marble. Upright monuments are permitted only in designated sections of the cemetery, and there are size and height restrictions. Headstone placement must be permitted by the City, and solid concrete footings are required. Repairs to monuments are the responsibility of the family.

Headstones shall be placed entirely on a burial space, or burial spaces where one stone will be used for two adjacent burial spaces.

Temporary Decorations

Temporary decorations such as flower arrangements, wreaths, potted plants, vases, flags, figurines, and hanging iron planters are permitted. Such items should be placed as near the headstone as possible. Cemetery personnel will remove decorations from graves if or when they become unsightly. Unless prior arrangements are made, staff will not be responsible for the return of any temporary decorations.

Plants & Flowers

Plants and flowers may be displayed, but are not allowed in glass jars, bottles, or cans. Containers or stands may be anchored, but must not be tripping or mowing hazards. Flower receptacles for flush markers must be in-ground or inverted.

Artificial flowers are permitted, but must be in suitable containers. Cut flowers and containers may be removed by cemetery personnel two weeks after Memorial Day. Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers is the responsibility of cemetery personnel. Private plantings on graves are not permitted.


Vaults are required for casket burials in Oakwood Cemetery. Opening & closing of urn sites is done at a reduced fee. The cemetery is open to the public daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Contact Public Works: 785-594-6907

Steve Wright

Cemetery Sexton