During the week of March 19th 2018, the Baldwin City Utility Department will be performing maintenance inspections, repairs, and upgrades to our Newton Street Substation.

On March 20th at 6:00 AM, we will switch our City electric load from KCP&L to our Internal Generation for approximately 8 hours to complete a portion of this project.

Please be advised, we DO NOT anticipate any interruption of service, however, we do want everyone to be aware of the project. Should anything unforeseen occur, we will do our very best to keep the outage time to a minimum.

These preventative maintenance projects are essential to extending the life of the equipment, and will help ensure the quality of service we strive to deliver.


Thank You –  The Baldwin City Utility Department


Community Discussion (Town Meeting)
New Police Station
Monday, March 5, 2018 at 7:00 PM at The Lodge:
Mayor Simoneau has called for a Town Meeting
The City is soliciting comments for the new Police Station to be constructed at 203 1st Street. This is the site of the former Wooden Spoke restaurant. The discussion will be about proposing to move the existing police station from 8th Street and renovate the existing building into a new police station to better suit the police department.

Organizational Efficiency Analysis


Purpose of RFP: Consultant services for the Public Works Department, Police Department, Utilities Departments, Planning and Zoning, and Administration to conduct an organizational efficiency and staffing analysis to determine the appropriate level of staffing and help develop deployment strategies that utilize staff resources in the most effective manner.

RFP Description: The study’s primary aim is to investigate, assess, and recommend revisions where necessary to organizational components, processes, and positions within all departments and its corresponding policies, procedures, and systems in order to optimize staffing.

Contact: Glenn Rodden, City Administrator

E-Mail: grodden@baldwincity.org

Phone: (785) 594-6427

Due Date & Time: February 16th, 2018 by 5:00pm

Submit to: One electronic PDF via email to Laura Hartman, City Clerk,


Applicants are responsible to verify receipt by the City.


Baldwin City is a historic community with a population of approximately 4,500 located in Douglas County 20 miles south of Lawrence and 20 miles west of Olathe.


Baldwin City is a full service city that owns and operates a public works department that includes water, waste-water, streets, parks and the city cemetery. The city also operates its own electric utility including two power plants and the electric distribution system. The city also operates a police department, a planning and zoning department, an administration department, and a volunteer fire department. The city currently employs 43 full time workers, six (6) part-time workers and two (2) seasonal employees.

Administration Department

The Administration Department supports the administrative functions of the City, including the City Administrator’s office, Finance Director and City Clerk responsibilities.

Community Development

This departmental provides resources for economic and community development, planning/zoning activities, building inspection services, and code enforcement functions. Restructured from the Planning/Code Enforcement Department in 2014, the Community Development Department seeks to foster a healthy environment for orderly growth.

Department of Public Works – Streets

Public Works is a multi-faceted department responsible for infrastructure management including water, sewer, transportation and storm water systems. Duties include, but are not limited to, grading, patching and striping streets during the summer months. Winter maintenance includes snow removal and treating roads with salt/sand mixture to prevent freezing. Public Works employees also assist with repairing water-line breaks and helping with on any other construction project that is necessary.

Department of Public Works – Water Utility

Baldwin City does not maintain its own water plant; therefore, the City purchases its raw and treated water from the City of Lawrence. The City of Baldwin City, however, is responsible for maintaining the approximately 26 miles of water lines in the City limits: two water towers that store and provide the necessary pressure for the water, and the approximate eight miles of pipe that deliver Baldwin City’s treated water from Lawrence. The City of Baldwin City also continues to consider our long-term contract with the Kansas Water Office that will expire in 2019. Large increases will likely occur in the Kansas Water Office storage fees that are set at $0.10/1,000 gallons. Currently, that rate is estimated to triple by the beginning of 2018. In addition, the results of a water rate study commissioned in 2014 could impact the future of this fund.

Department of Public Works – Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Utility provides the resources for the daily operations of the wastewater treatment plant as well as the maintenance and upkeep of the City’s sanitary sewer collections system. This utility consists of nearly 32.2 miles of sewer lines and a 900,000 gallons per day wastewater treatment plant. The Wastewater Utility Fund does not produce the necessary revenue to cover the most basic operating costs.

Department of Public Works – Parks

Operationally, the department is a division of Public Works and maintains one full-time employee, with funds set aside for two seasonal positions. Park employees are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the community’s six parks, including Spring Creek Lake. Typical duties include maintaining park shelters and bathrooms, maintaining and watering plants in downtown, as well as other general grounds maintenance, like mowing and weed eating.

Department of Public Works – Cemetery

On January 1st, 2009, the Baldwin City Cemetery Company transferred ownership of the Oakwood Cemetery, the inactive Pioneer Cemetery, and all other assets and records owned by the company to the City of Baldwin City. While the cemetery contains its own fund, it is a division of the Public Works Department operationally. The Cemetery Fund receives the majority of its revenue from two sources: ad valorem taxes and the sale of cemetery plots. For the most part this fund is stagnant and provides the resources necessary to operate and maintain the cemetery.

Fire Department

The Baldwin City Fire Department was officially chartered on February 4th, 1910, as a volunteer fire department and has been an active volunteer department ever since. Today, the Baldwin City Fire Department maintains a staff of approximately 18 volunteers who are responsible for preventing, controlling and extinguishing fires in the City of Baldwin City. The Baldwin City Fire Department also responds to all local EMS calls. As part of several mutual aid agreements with surrounding communities, the Baldwin City Volunteer Fire Department also provides support to outside fire departments when needed.

Police Department

The Baldwin City Police Department is responsible for enforcing the laws of the State of Kansas and local ordinances. The Police Department’s responsibilities include: investigations, patrol and traffic enforcement, as well as animal control. Because of the City’s commitment to public safety, Baldwin City enjoys a much lower crime rate compared to similar communities. In 2014, Baldwin City was recognized as one of the 30 safest communities in Kansas.

Electric Utility Department

The Baldwin City Electric Utility is one of the oldest municipal electric utilities in the State of Kansas. In 1905, the Baldwin City Council voted 3 to 1 in favor of starting an Electric Utility. The City’s electric generation component is comprised of two power plants. Plant No. 1, located at 605 High Street began production of electricity in 1907. This plant has a production capacity of 4.6 megawatts. Plant No. 2 is located at the south edge of town at 1100 Orange Street and was commissioned in December of 2003. The engines in this plant are of the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly of any on the market today. They have a combined production capacity of 6.3 megawatts. The City’s electrical infrastructure combines both overhead and underground electric distribution lines. Baldwin City currently owns, operates, and maintains 35.33 miles of primary lines. Most have been replaced and/or upgraded since 2002.


The Consultant will work with the City Administrator, the Human Resources Director, all department directors and other appropriate City staff to create an organizational efficiency and staffing analysis.

The Consultant shall be expected to present the following:

Recommendations and Deliverables

• Review and recommend appropriate levels of supervision / management to ensure optimal service delivery

• Identify staffing requirements, both current and future

• Evaluate the efficiency of all department operations relating to staffing, workload distribution, supervisory structure, allocation of resources, scheduling, and productivity.

• Provide assessment of organizational structure and functional area of responsibilities with regards to its compatibility for delivering responsive and efficient municipal services.

• A summary of recommendations regarding improvement opportunities, increased effectiveness of the operation, modifications to processes or changes in job design and structure.

• Presentations to City staff and/or Governing Body as determined by City Administrator (at least one presentation to City Council to review findings / Final Document)


The City is seeking to have the scope of services completed and delivery of a draft report and recommendations within ninety (90) days of the execution of the contract, and a final report and presentation within 120 days from the date of award.


Cover Letter. Provide on company letterhead the contact person for the consultant including name, address, telephone number, fax, and email address; acknowledgement of receipt of all clarifications and addenda issued by the City and any other pertinent information regarding the consultant’s proposal.

Project Understanding and Approach. Include a description of the consultants’ understanding of the work including critical and key issues and approach.

Resumes. Provide brief, one page resumes for each key individual listed in the organizational chart.

Project Experience. Provide a list of similar projects completed by the consultant(s) and key individuals including a minimum of three project references. Include specific experience in efficiency studies and performance reviews, and examples of demonstrable impact on organizations due to the work performed.

Scope of Work. Consultants may use or modify the City’s proposed scope of work or propose an alternate scope with an explanation of why an alternate scope of work is proposed.

Schedule. Consultants must provide a graphic depicting project milestones including meeting dates and work product delivery once the agreement is finalized. An updated project schedule will be required periodically during the project.

Cost. Submit total cost, including all direct and indirect costs, in order to perform the Scope of Work as proposed.


The City of Baldwin City reserves the right to reject any or all responses to this Request for Proposal. The City of Baldwin City will not reimburse costs of preparing the consultant proposals. The City of Baldwin City reserves the right to cancel the award of contract any time before the execution of the contract by both parties. Responding consultants bear sole risk and responsibility for costs incurred in the preparation and delivery of the proposal. The City of Baldwin City reserves the right to ask for clarification in the proposal if the need arises.

Request for Proposal: Engineering Services

The City of Baldwin City is soliciting proposals for development of a comprehensive study to determine how Utility Rates in Baldwin City compare to surrounding communities as well as Investor/Municipal Owned Utilities.


The Consultant shall develop a conclusion by addressing at a minimum the following requirements:


  1. Determine how competitive Baldwin City’s utility rates are for Electricity as compared to local Investor Owned Utility customers (i.e.: KCP&L, Westar) in Kansas regions geographically close to Baldwin City.
  2. Determine how competitive Baldwin City’s utility rates are for Water and Waste Water as compared to the following cities in Kansas; Lawrence, Ottawa, Edgerton, Gardner and Eudora. .
  3. Draft report.
  4. Review with City staff and revise report as necessary.
  5. Present study results to the Baldwin City Council.


This project is to be quoted as price not to exceed for engineering services.


Submittals by interested firms should be returned by February 9, 2018 to the following address:


City of Baldwin City

RE: 2018 Utility Rate Comparison Study

C/O: Laura Hartman, City Clerk

P.O. Box 86

Baldwin City, KS 66006


It is expected that the selection will be made and work can commence by the Mid-February 2018. Selected firm shall execute an Engineering Services Agreement within five business days of conformation.


By Submitting a proposal, respondent agrees that the City of Baldwin reserves the right to reject any and all engineering services proposals.


Feel free to contact me with any questions

Rob Culley  | Director of Electric Production

Direct 785.594.3261 | Mobile 785.423.1083 | rculley@baldwincity.org