The council committees are appointed by the Mayor, at the second official meeting of a newly seated council.  The main objective of appointing these committees is to allow individual council members to be more fully immersed in their respective department plans that may require council support without the full council’s involvement.  The committee will then bring the issue to the full council, if necessary.  In this way, every council member does not have to be well versed on every issue. They function much like the Planning Commission, in that the commission does most of the leg work and gives its recommendation to the council.  The Mayor generally tries to change up the appointments so that council members have an opportunity to use their particular skill set and to work more closely with different department heads.

The public is welcome to attend any Council Committee meetings.  Go to the calendar to find the date, time and location.




Budget and Finance Committee:

Chairperson                                         A.J. Stevens

Vice-chair                                             Susan Pitts

Citizen                                                  Dave Hill


Community Development Committee:

Chairperson                                        Tony Brown

Vice-chair                                            Brian Cramer

Citizen                                                  Brian Stults


Public Health and Safety Committee:

Chairperson                                         Brian Cramer

Vice-chair                                             Tony Brown

Citizen                                                  Jim Denney


Public Works Committee:

Chairperson                                         David Simmons

Vice-chair                                             Susan Pitts

Citizen                                                  Jerry Bennett


Utilities Committee

Chairperson                                            Susan Pitts

Vice-chair                                               A.J. Stevens

Citizen                                                     Ken Hayes


Legislative Committee

Chairperson                                          David Simmons

Vice-Chair                                              A.J. Stevens

Citizen                                                    Austin Wegener