Fence Permits


  • Fence permits are required for residential and commercial properties.
  • Fence permits may be obtained at the Public Works Office located at 609 High Street or City Hall located at 803 8th Street.
  • General maintenance of a fence does not require a permit.
  • Return a completed permit application with a site / plot plan of your property and proposed fence location in relation to the property lines, easements, alleys and streets.

General Guidelines

  • Fences in the front yard shall be constructed with materials not designed to confine animals or people, but materials that are decorative in nature such as wrought iron, picket and split rail. Specifically prohibited in front yards are privacy fences, chain link and other material commonly defined as “chicken wire” or similar nature.
  • Fences may be placed in easements providing they are not located within the floodplain or a drainage easement. These fences should be constructed with readily removable panels or gates to allow access for utility companies.
  • Fences may be placed on property lines however; corner lots and lots backing a street may have additional restrictions.
  • It is the Owner / Applicants responsibility to contain the fence within the boundaries of the property. Call for inspections.
  • No fence, except fences erected upon public or parochial school grounds or in public parks and in public playgrounds shall be constructed of a height greater than three feet in the front yard or eight feet elsewhere.

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