Vehicle Identification Number Inspections


Baldwin City Police Department has been authorized, by the Kansas Highway Patrol, to complete a Motor Vehicle Enforcement Procedure (VIN Inspection). 


All vehicles and trailers that have out of state titles must have a completed Kansas Highway Patrol Vehicle Examination Certificate, MVE-1, in order to obtain a new Kansas Tag.


An inspection can be obtained by bringing the vehicle, title, and $20 to the police department, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 a.m. to noon; and 1 to 4 p.m.


  • Original title that is completed and signed. If you do not have the original title (usually because there is a lien) the lien holder must fax a copy of the title directly to BCPD at 785-594-6736 before we can do the VIN inspection. Copies that have been sent to the county treasurer registering the vehicle will be accepted if stamped by that counties’ treasurer’s office.
  • Driver’s license - The person bringing in the vehicle needs to have their driver’s license with them. That person does not need to be the owner.
  • $20 fee, Cash or Credit will be accepted
  • Since we are a satellite office we DO NOT handle salvage or antiques (over 30 years old).  These will go directly through the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Antique Vehicles

If you wish to have an antique vehicle inspected, the vehicle must be totally original. If it has any obvious body work, paint, motor replacement, or aftermarket additions (including wheels), the vehicle must be taken to a Kansas Highway Patrol Inspector for VIN verification.

Fingerprint services

Call ahead before you come in. 785-594-3850.

Documentation depends on why you need the fingerprinting. We ask that people please read the instructions they received completely and come with complete packets.

  • Make sure that fingerprint cards are filled out completely.
  • Make sure all forms are completed.
  • Make sure waivers are filled out.
  • Make sure that payment arrangements are made and/or available.
  • We are required to seal and mail fingerprints at the time they are done. You will need to provide postage.
  • Driver’s license.
  • $10 fee. Cash or Credit will be accepted.