Since 1870

A history that goes back to the founding of Kansas and is bound up in the early days of the Civil War.

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Created territiories of Kansas & Nebraska. Settlers moved to Kansas to declare it a Free State.

Battle of Black Jack

Battle of Black Jack 3 miles east of Palmyra, first skirmish of the Civil War

Baker University

Charter signed for Baker University and land donated to start it - what would become Baldwin City

Old Castle Built

Old Castle was the first stone building of Baker University open for business

Kansas Statehood

Kansas becomes a state.

Quantrill's Raid

Quantrill raids Lawrence and exits just west and south of Baldwin City

Railroad Depot Built

First depot built at west end of Elm St. in anticipation of railroad completion.

Baldwin City Incorporated

Baldwin City finally incorporated

Mayor Lucy Sweet Sullivan

Mayor Lucy Sweet Sullivan and all women city council elected


Baldwin Telephone Company made the first phone call

Santa Fe Depot Built

Current depot built for passengers, not just freight

First Electric Power Plant

First Electric Power plant built - still in use at 605 High Street.

President Taft Visits

President William Taft arrived by train, spoke at Baker University, stayed overnight at the Osmon Markham house now the Zeta Chi Fraternity House.

Teddy Roosevelt stops by

Teddy Roosevelt made a "whistle stop" at the Baldwin Depot while on a campaign tour on the train.

Elizabeth Taylor passes through

Actress Elizabeth Taylor passed through Baldwin and stopped to eat at Oak Lodge south of junction

Maple Leaf Festival

First Maple Leaf Festival held.

Margaret Thatcher attends a ceremony

Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, visits Baldwin for the dedication of Osborn Chapel.