Public Works and City-Owned Utilities

Public Works is housed at 1015 Orange Street, along with the main Powerplant, the Electric Department, the Wastewater Treatment Plant, the city solar field, and Zoning & Codes.

Rob Culley

Public Works Director

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The Public Works Department maintains and oversees the city roads, maintains parks in collaboration with the Baldwin City Recreation Commission, manages the water system, operates the wastewater treatment plant, maintains the city vehicle fleet and equipment and oversees the city cemeteries.

Current project updates are available on this page.

Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery is operated and maintained by the City of Baldwin City. The cemetery is open to the public daily from 6am to 10pm. More information here.

Electric Department

The Electric Department is made up of two components, power generation and power distribution. Distribution is the mechanism that brings power from the source to the end-user, such as power lines, substations, and other equipment. Generation in Baldwin City occurs at the main powerplant and backup powerplant, usually when the town's main power source is unavailable. To find out more about the Electric Department, click here.

Zoning & Codes

The City of Baldwin City is zoned according to ordinance within corporate city limits. There is a volunteer citizen Planning Commission appointed by the Mayor with approval from City Council, which also functions as the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Call 785-594-6907 to schedule an inspection or to inquire if an inspection is necessary, as part of the development project. Please note: A minimum 24-hour notice is required for most inspections.

More information about planning, zoning, and city codes is available here.

Public Utilities Building

1015 Orange Street, Baldwin City, KS 66006


Hours: 7-4, M-F

Oakwood Cemetery Location

300-398 N 200 Road

Baldwin City, KS 66006

Solar & Other Renewable Generation

To find out more about residential and commercial solar generation within city limits, click here.

Report a Power Outage

Report an urgent electric issue by calling 785-594-6907. Use the form below as a last resort to report an outage. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT MONITOR COMMUNITY FACEBOOK GROUPS FOR OUTAGE REPORTS. YOU MUST REPORT THROUGH PROPER CHANNELS.